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Feltfetish Lavender Butterfly Hairclips

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Feltfetish Lavender Butterfly Hairclips

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Whimsical and eternally feminine – that’s what butterflies are . Now add some to your hair and feel as if you are part of a fairy tale.

Feltfetish Lavender Butterfly Hairclips is available for purchase in increments of 1



Whimsical and eternally feminine – that’s what butterflies are . Now add some to your hair and feel as if you are part of a fairy tale.

Each order consists of 2 butterfly hair clips.

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Additional Information


Best Baby Girl Hair Accessories Online shopping!

When you are the proud parents of a baby girl, it is never too early to raise her in a beautiful way by Online shopping. Every baby girl deserves to look as pretty and as beautiful as possible. Our collection of baby girl hair accessories is the best in the Online shopping world better then Hopscotch, Firstcry, Babyoye and reflects the latest trends in baby fashion. We have high-quality fashion designers who come up with the best new ideas based on current fashion trends from around the world! These fashion trends have originated from the prime fashion centres of the world like Paris, Milan and New York!

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Our designers have the sole purpose of making your little girl look as amazing as possible. Fashion and accessories are not just for adults, it is for babies too. When we spend a lot of money to ensure our babies get the right of food, right kind of toys, right kind of exercise, we can also look at providing the right kind of fashion for our babies. Fashion is something that is not dependent on the age; it is just something that each and everyone deserves and hence we are here to provide the best quality fashion for your baby girls better then Hopscotch, Firstcry, Babyoye. So, get the best hair accessories for girls online India.

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There is no doubt that with our products, your little girl will be looking glowing and beautiful all day long. We have several different designs of hair clips etc. We have picturesque flower designs for hair clips that will keep your baby girl curious and make her look gorgeous. These poppies flower designs come in blue colour, red colour, yellow colour, green colour, etc. For variety in flowers, we have an amazing collection of daisy hair clips and sunflower hair clips too that come in blue, purple, yellow and green colours.

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